MSNDS 2017 Program

July 31, 2017, ASONAM 2017 Workshop
MSNDS 2017 Session 1
Session Chair: Min-Yuh Day
• Nazim Choudhury;Shahadat Uddin, Dynamic Similarity Metrics for Link Prediction in
Longitudinal Networks
• Shih-Hung Wu;Yi-Hsiang Hsieh;Liang-Pu Chen;Fanghuizhu Liu, Tempral Model of
the Online Customer ReviewHelpfulness Preduction
• Jaroslaw Jankowski;Artur Karczmarczyk;Piotr Bródka;Radosław Michalski,
Increasing Coverage of Information Diffusion Processes by Reducing the Number of
Initial Seeds
• Chih-Chien Wang;Min-Yuh Day; Chien-Chang Chen;Jai-Wei Liou, Temporal and
Sentiment Analysis for A Real Case of Fake Reviews in Taiwan
MSNDS 2017 Session 2
Session Chair: Shih-Hung Wu
• Karina Sokolova and Charles Perez, The social media effect on the success of
Leetchi crowdfunding projects
• Min-Yuh Day and Hung-Chou Teng, A Study of Deep Learning to Sentiment Analysis
on Word of Mouth of Smart Bracelet
• Arijit Chatterjee;Kendall Nygard, Predicting Stock Close Price Using Microsoft Azure
• Kuo-Chung Chu and Min Yang Xiao, A Study on the Correlation between Breast
Cancer and Air pollution
MSNDS 2017 Session 3
Session Chair: Min-Yuh Day
• Andreea Nita, Steluta Manolache, Cristiana Ciocanea and Laurentiu Rozylowicz, A
social network approach to diagnose public participation in protected areas
management Insights from a Natura 2000 case study
• Li Chen Cheng, Judy C. R. Tseng and Tsai- Yu Chung, Case Study of Fake Web
• Li Chen Cheng, Pin-Yi Li and Ssu-Hua Chen, Explore users’ preference from
Facebook fan pages

Important Dates

Workshop paper submission deadline: March 10, 2017 11:59 PM American Samoa Zone (UTC-11)
Workshop paper acceptance notification:  June 10, 2017
Workshop paper camera-ready deadline: June 23, 2017