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NUK Airport Pickup Service Application Form

Field with * is required field 有*號者為必填欄位
Exchange Students Information 交換生資訊: *Home University 原就讀學校:

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*Gender 性別:
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Arrival Information 抵達資訊 Noted!!!Free airport pickup service only available on February 12th, 2019 during 10:00 to 18:00. If you arrive outside this period, you will need to get to NUK on your own.
We will let you know the shuttle bus schedule, after the arrival time of all exchange students are collected and we only provide pickup service for who arrive at Kaohsiung International Airport.
Important notice for students from mainland China!!!大陸交換生請注意
1. 去程機票統一購買2019年2月12日抵達, 若無法在2月12日入台, 請學校承辦老師來信告知, 且入台日期不得早於2月12日.
2. 入台證預計離境日為2019年6月28日, 請同學離境機票不得購買晚於6月28日。
*Airline Company 航空公司:

*Flight Number 航班編號:

*Arrival Date 抵達日期:

*Arrival Time 抵達時間:

*Arrival Airport 抵達機場:(Note: We only provide pick up service for Kaoshiung Internatinoal Airport, 我們僅提供高雄小港國際機場的接機服務)