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NUK Dormitory Application Form

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Dormitory Selection 希望住宿地點: (以申請時間先後依序安排宿舍 The allocate sequence will be based on the time you submit your application)
On-campus-NUK Student Dorm 校內宿舍
(You will share a room with 3 roomates, including Taiwanese students)
Accommodation Fee NT$7,550~NT$9,800 per semester (bedding not included, electricity fee not included). Students who fail to stay at the dorm, will be arranged to live at Artistic House.
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高雄大學學校內學生宿舍(四人房), 一學期7,550-9,800元新台幣(不含電費), 校內宿舍抽籤制, 不可決定室友, 將於台灣本地學生混住, 房間有新有舊, 一經決定無法更換, 未安排中宿舍者安排至藝術學苑。
Warm Reminder: The last day to check-out on-campus dorm for fall semester will be January, 21st by noon 2019. Student who needs to extend accommodations has to apply for winter break living (will move to another room).
寒假住宿申請時間Winter break accommodation application period:
12月24日-31日止 From December 24 to 31.

Off-campus-NUK Artistic Student House 藝術學苑
It is a privately-owned building, does not belong to NUK. Deposit NT$1,500
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非學校單位, 與高雄大學國際處長期合作, 無利益關係, 不提供寢具, 需繳交保證金1500元新台幣, 退租時歸還。